On the road…. again

Fourth of July has never been a big holiday for us. Momo’s autism has made fireworks difficult in the past. As of the last few years, we have been able to enjoy them more but our daughter being a baby made it, once again, difficult to enjoy. We ha e finally reached a point, this year, where we can plan to watch the fireworks and have a good time. NOT YET!

The first year when both of our kids are physically and mentally prepared for fireworks and we’re in the car. We drove to my mothers house in Illinois Sunday and drove home Monday. That’s five hours round trip. Today we’re driving to my partners family in Petersburg. This will be a six hour round trip. If I could meet the man who invented the portable DVD player, I would lay a big smooch on him. Having a movie playing during a long car ride is the only way these children can stand to be in the car. Heir poor butts are flattening out like pancakes! Not really, my kids have total bubble butts 😆

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy visiting our families. They love the kids and the kids love them back. It gives everyone time to reconnect and catch up. I won’t lie though, there are times I wish we lived farther away from family so we could have a separation that would cut back on the visits and make the ones we do venture on more memorable and special. 

Wish us luck! The kiddos are watch Peter Pan and mommy is about to close her eyes and pretend to sleep for a little bit. Hopefully pretending will turn in to REALLY sleeping.


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