Shopping is evil…….yet fun

I truly enjoy grocery shopping because I feel it’s something I can control. I put in my cart what I want to buy and I buy it. BAM! End of story. I’m a firm believer is stretching your dollar to the max and I feel like when I grocery shop, I’m actually able to do that. I’ve started actually planning out our meals since going from two incomes to one. It’s a lot harder than it seems. I went ahead and made a list of all the meals I know how to cook and take from that list to fill the dinner options throughout the week. Once I have a menu for a two-week span, I go grocery shopping. I try as hard as I can to only get the things I need take make those meals. I go through my kitchen and check off everything I will need and make sure I either have the products already or need them. The “need” list then accompanies me to the grocery store and as I shop for these items, I write down the prices on my hand. Once I’m done, I tally it up and make sure of the total before hitting the checkout so I’m not shocked at all when the total comes up. So far so good. I’ve been using this method now for the past few months and I’ve actually gotten our monthly grocery bill under $300 on the regular. With four mouths to feed in the house and no coupon clipping, I’m pretty damn proud of myself.


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