I enjoy sewing. I’ve never been very good at it but the process is therapeutic. I made my son and daughter capes a while back and thought I’d bust out the same fabric to make one for my daughters friend. Who couldn’t use a superhero cape every once in a while? It’s ok to be jealous. I’m a little jealous too 🙂


On the road…. again

Fourth of July has never been a big holiday for us. Momo’s autism has made fireworks difficult in the past. As of the last few years, we have been able to enjoy them more but our daughter being a baby made it, once again, difficult to enjoy. We ha e finally reached a point, this year, where we can plan to watch the fireworks and have a good time. NOT YET!

The first year when both of our kids are physically and mentally prepared for fireworks and we’re in the car. We drove to my mothers house in Illinois Sunday and drove home Monday. That’s five hours round trip. Today we’re driving to my partners family in Petersburg. This will be a six hour round trip. If I could meet the man who invented the portable DVD player, I would lay a big smooch on him. Having a movie playing during a long car ride is the only way these children can stand to be in the car. Heir poor butts are flattening out like pancakes! Not really, my kids have total bubble butts 😆

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy visiting our families. They love the kids and the kids love them back. It gives everyone time to reconnect and catch up. I won’t lie though, there are times I wish we lived farther away from family so we could have a separation that would cut back on the visits and make the ones we do venture on more memorable and special. 

Wish us luck! The kiddos are watch Peter Pan and mommy is about to close her eyes and pretend to sleep for a little bit. Hopefully pretending will turn in to REALLY sleeping.

I’m a Seasoned vet of starting up and quickly giving up

I blame it on Pinterest and my manic tendencies. Combined, those two can be quite detrimental.

It’s been a minute. This whole blog thing turned into another one of those random ideas that never really stuck. I’m determined to make it happen though. I’ve become SO GOOD at trying and failing. I need to get my shit together. 

It’s been almost a year since my last post. As you can probably guess, a lot has happened in the past year. RECAP: Momo-man is now on seizure medication after an MRI showed constant seizure activity in his beautiful brain, I got a job cleaning houses and then scaled WAY BACK when I realized cleaning piss and vomit off of someone else’s toilet was too much, started in the path to further my education and get my nursing degree, started craving another baby, and realized I don’t have any real friends outside of my partner.

Phew! That was a load of craziness. I’m all over the board. Trust me, there’s a bunch more that has happened in this past year but as I sit here and type this, they aren’t popping up yet. Key word is yet. There’s always something, right?

My Chariot is Falling Apart!

I’m sitting in the waiting room of my favorite auto body shop with both of my kids. You might find it funny that I call this place my favorite but there’s a reason for that. I did a little digging and realized I have had to bring my car in to have work done on it 5x in the last year. I’m not just talking about routine oil changes and tire pressure checks. I’m talking about windshield replacement, alternator replacement, battery replacement, and a few of those oil changes. Do you notice a pattern here? My car is slowly, but surely, falling apart. My mommy-mobile is boycotting it’s job and refuses to cross that picket line and get back to work. 

I was sitting in line in front of my son’s school waiting, as all the other parents, for the kiddos to come running out like bats out of hell. Everyone is happily buckled in and awaiting the journey home when……the car refuses to start. All the mothers and fathers are driving past my immovable vehicle. Heading for the exit as fast as they can. Not a single one even looked back to see why they had to drive around me. Just another reason why I’m happy to have moved out of Carmel. These people can’t be bothered to help their fellow man. Thankfully, one lady stops and asks if I need a jump. I would have kissed this woman if it wouldn’t have scared her off. With my car finally running, I hightailed it to “my favorite auto body shop” and wait, wait, wait. Did I mention I’m waiting here with my kiddos? Plural. Two crazy little kiddos in the waiting room of an auto shop. Needless to say, I have a massive headache and my stomach is audibly growling. My son has gone through every magazine and my daughter has tried to kill a plant, eat out of the trash, and rip down the blinds. 

The only real positive to this day was getting to vote this morning. #feelthebern.

Shopping is evil…….yet fun

I truly enjoy grocery shopping because I feel it’s something I can control. I put in my cart what I want to buy and I buy it. BAM! End of story. I’m a firm believer is stretching your dollar to the max and I feel like when I grocery shop, I’m actually able to do that. I’ve started actually planning out our meals since going from two incomes to one. It’s a lot harder than it seems. I went ahead and made a list of all the meals I know how to cook and take from that list to fill the dinner options throughout the week. Once I have a menu for a two-week span, I go grocery shopping. I try as hard as I can to only get the things I need take make those meals. I go through my kitchen and check off everything I will need and make sure I either have the products already or need them. The “need” list then accompanies me to the grocery store and as I shop for these items, I write down the prices on my hand. Once I’m done, I tally it up and make sure of the total before hitting the checkout so I’m not shocked at all when the total comes up. So far so good. I’ve been using this method now for the past few months and I’ve actually gotten our monthly grocery bill under $300 on the regular. With four mouths to feed in the house and no coupon clipping, I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

Starting Line

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m pursuing this outlet, not because I feel there isn’t something out there already, because I want to document MY life and the everyday of my own family. There are probably dozens of other blogs that cover exactly what I’m about to embark on but who’s to say one more voice couldn’t help? I’m Sarah. I enjoy the disaster of a life I’ve only now started carving out.

I’m 28 years old and have two fantastic and emotionally/physically draining children with my also fantastic and emotionally draining boyfriend. Since the birth of my second child, my career has taken a backseat to the need for cheap childcare and constant stress over $$ has led me to become a Pinterest-stalking crazy lady at times. I am in no way one of those stay-at-home moms who clips coupons, cooks fantastic meals, and is involved in the PTA. I wish I could be but I’m not. I’ve been to a total of ONE PTA meeting and I feel extremely proud of myself when I map out a weeks worth of dinners, shop for them, and actually execute the plan without deviating. BOOM!!

Have I mentioned I’m also financially unstable? Well, I am. I have a little lingering debt and being in a household with only one income makes everything a little tighter. Talking about cinching your belt is a whole lot easier than actually having to put it into practice. Having two kids also makes that extremely hard. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would buy my two munchkins everything they needed or wanted.

In a perfect world, I would have followed my fathers directions and gone to college, earned my degree, gotten my forever job, AND THEN met the man of my dreams and had my babies. Unfortunately, I went a little backwards. I lost my mind for a moment and married the wrong guy on a whim. Once I realized that my marriage wasn’t going to last I got another surprise…….PREGNANCY! Baby number one on the way and a failed marriage under my belt and I started trying to work my way back to the straight a narrow path.

Seven years later and I still haven’t found that forever job but I have found the man of my dreams and we have gone on to produce a second mini-me. I’m still bound a determined to have everything and at this point I’ve gone through enough that my skin is tougher than one might think. We, as a family, are at a point where we are about to truly start the journey to a whole life. Tag along and see how messed up it gets!